Our clients' safety is our priority. In lieu of in person therapy, we are exclusively offering online sessions to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
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Loss takes many forms. Maybe you are grieving the loss of a family member, friend, pet, employment, life stability, quality of life… Or maybe it’s something else entirely. Maybe it was sudden. Or maybe it has been an extended process. We understand that grief is complicated and can be expressed in many ways. The beauty of therapy is that you can share without judgement, process what you’ve been through, and, when you’re ready, identify a path forward that honors that loss.

Work, whether it be for an employer or for ourselves, is a major component of most people’s lives. We spend so many hours, not only on the completion of our duties, but also when it comes to education and professional development. For that reason, whether or not professional concerns are your primary concern, it is a topic that tends to come up. Dr. Lewis can offer support related to exploring your interests, communicating your needs, exploring career options, and navigating conflict.

You deserve a healing space where you can authentically discuss how discrimination has impacted you. The last several years have demonstrated that we are not living in post-racial America. Instead people of color, and Black people in particular, continue to face institutionalized racism, violence, health disparities and so on. That can be a lot to carry by yourself. Dr. Lewis identifies as an African American cis-gender woman. She stands in solidarity with individuals from historically marginalized groups.

Motherhood is a winding road. It’s not unusual to feel caught of guard by certain aspects of conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond. There can be unexpected challenges. Maybe you are struggling with infertility or health concerns. Perhaps initial excitement has given way to worries about how you will juggle your various roles. It could be that you just don’t feel like yourself. Dr. Lewis has specialized training and experience working with women’s perinatal mental health. Book an appointment today.

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental health complaints that bring people into therapy. Maybe you have identified specific causes for your symptoms. Or perhaps you have been experiencing a gradual increase in distress with unclear origins. These two concerns can look quite different from person to person. Just know that you do not have to suffer alone. We’re here to help.

Life comes at you fast! Each stage of life brings its challenges. There are always new decisions to make and expectations to navigate. Even when change is good, it can still be stressful. Let’s talk about where you’re at in your life, so that we can determine how to get you to the next step.